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AI vs. SEO — friend of foe?


Key findings on how artificial intelligence can influence SEO. We know that Google has been using AI for ranking websites in SERP, and there's a name for the algo, which is RankBrain. We also know that Yandex is moving the same way. But what we do not know for sure is what to expect next. Do all SEOs lose their job or will it be a collaboration at a whole new level?

Friend or Foe? War or Standoff?

Before racing forward with the speculations or suggestions, let's consider with the definitions of AI. And here what we found on the internet and what we accept trustworthy.

  1. Mainly the use of data-driven statistical machine learning methods to provide various solutions to problems that might not be soluble algorithmically
  2. A broad field, covering a range of machine applications to carry out tasks that typically require human intelligence.

AI can do for SEO

  1. AI can deliver the information we need to make informed decisions out of noisy, unstructured data.
  2. AI may recommend new content topics based on demand trends and market patterns.
  3. AI can improve UX (suggest changes to one’s user experience for optimization).
  4. AI tools can also help optimize individual pieces of content in ways that work best for different platforms or experiences.
  5. AI may analyze competitors’ websites and see how one’s own website sizes up, at a variety of data points.

What AI can’t do for SEO (but humans can)

  1. genuine emotions
  2. compassion
  3. acception
  4. intuition
  5. strong belief

So to sum it up. AI is a weapon, but it shoots into the one who you target. Keep it in mind, when picking SEO tools up from the majority of those in the internet. Prefer the ones that are based on the big data and the powerful computing possibilities.



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